Supplements for Women – Why Should You Take Vitamins for Pregnant Women?

You need supplements for women in the form of vitamins when you are pregnant. The reason is simple: you need sufficient nutrients for you and your unborn child. For instance, calcium is required for the skeletal development of your baby, while folic acid is needed for the prevention of different birth defects.  There are prenatal vitamins made specially for pregnant women. These supplements come in the form of vitamins and are available over the counter. You can also get them as prescription vitamins.

Why Take Prenatal Supplements?

The Functions of Folic Acid

Folic acid is among the most essential ingredients found in these vitamins. As a B vitamin, folic acid is particularly essential during the first month of pregnancy; this is the time when the fetus‘s spinal cord and brain begins to develop. When a woman takes folic acid, it will help protect against birth defects of the baby’s spinal cord and brain, as well as spina bifida (the condition with the risk of resulting to mental defects or paralysis in newborns). Also, folic acid cuts back on the risks of a pregnant mother developing symptoms such as protein in the urine and high blood pressure (a condition known as preeclampsia).

The Functions of Iron Supplements

Also, supplements for women that provide iron will help prevent anemia in pregnant women. You should know that anemic condition in a pregnant woman may result in certain problems to the unborn baby – e.g. premature birth and low birth weight

The Functions of Calcium Supplements

Additionally, a pregnant woman needs calcium supplements as they help a baby develop healthy nerves, teeth and bones. When a woman takes prenatal supplements that contain calcium, she is protecting herself against bone loss in the course of pregnancy.

Moreover, supplements for women that are targeted at pregnant women include vitamins A, C, D, zinc, and potassium.

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