Healthy Eating Tips – What Pregnant Women Should Know

You need to pay attention to your diet if you are pregnant. This way, you can determine the right amount of nutrients and calories required for you and the fetus. In order to carry on a healthy pregnancy, you need to choose a wide range of foods across the different food groups. This will help provide you with sufficient minerals and vitamins. Keep reading to learn about healthy eating tips for pregnant women.

Tip #1: Knowing Nutrition Basics

Just like any other woman, a pregnant woman requires a particular amount of nutrients in her day-to-day diet. Specifically, those who are pregnant need about 2,300 calories and 70gram of protein daily. This nutritional specification must include minerals and vitamins in sufficient amounts for her and the baby. You should concentrate on eating foods that are nutritionally dense. You will disrupt your dietary plan significantly by indulging in food aversions. This is where you need prenatal supplements recommended by a physician. In addition, you should target 1000mg of calcium, 27mg of iron, including 1000 micrograms of folic acid on a daily basis. Eating a wide range of healthy foods is a great way to get your daily nutrition requirements.

Tip #2: Learn about Food Groups

As a pregnant woman, you need to eat sufficient servings of each food group to make your diet healthy. Here’s an instance: in order to get energy, a pregnant woman is expected to consume 6-9 servings of healthy grains on a daily basis, including protein, B vitamins, iron, and fiber. Also, a pregnant woman should consume not less than 5 servings of vegetables (especially leafy vegetables) and fruits known to be powerhouses that supply essential vitamins (A and C), folate, potassium and iron. The amount of protein-rich foods for a pregnant woman is nothing less than 2 servings and so on.

If you are not sure of what you should eat as a pregnant woman or if you have some unique issues, contact your doctor for help.

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