4 Essential Vitamins for Women

Women need a lot of vitamins, especially during pregnancy. Vitamins for women perform essential functions in the body of women. You can buy these vitamins in the form of supplements over the counter or get them as prescriptions from a doctor. Keep reading to find essential vitamins for women, especially at conception.

#1: Vitamins A, C and D

Vitamin A helps the proper development of the unborn child, including healthy birth weight. Vitamin C is responsible for building healthy gums in babies and also helps with the absorption of iron. Some of the consequences of zero or insufficient vitamins A and D during pregnancy may include issues like rickets, delayed physical growth, and improper bone development.

#2: Calcium and Zinc

Sufficient calcium is needed when a woman is pregnant and will help keep up fluid balance in cells. Moreover, the body tissue of the baby will develop well with the help of zinc.

#3: Calcium

Calcium is also one of the essential vitamins for women, especially during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman takes the right amount of prenatal calcium supplement, it will help in the development of healthy nerves, teeth and bones of a baby. Even the woman herself benefits from prenatal calcium as it helps her not to experience bone loss during pregnancy.

#4: Iron

Anemic condition in a pregnant woman is largely caused by lack of iron and changes in blood, particularly when the woman approaches the last trimester of pregnancy. The unborn baby may suffer conditions such as premature birth and low birth weight as a result of the anemic condition.

Indeed, vitamins for women are highly essential and women who are pregnant should get sufficient prenatal vitamins bought over the counter or prescribed by the doctor. Both the woman and unborn baby need the nutrients from these vitamins.

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